Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bunny Chores Day

We had the most awesome volunteers come to our Bunny Chores Day at the main foster house. Thanks to them everything here is ship shape!!
I just LOVE our volunteers!!

Here is Heather checking out our Education Table supplies and reading over our adopted bunny list for the website. I'm trying on my tutus to make sure they are all in good shape. Does this one make me look too much like a turkey?

Lee and Amanda did the most amazing job of cleaning pens! Mr. Clean, move on over!!!

Bethanie took on the job of grooming the fosters, and showed Ruth how to use the Wahl clippers to shave down matted bunny fur. She did such a good job I gave her a big hug!!

 Donna sorted out our newspaper into "slick" and "not slick" sections. You might not think this is important but it is! The slick parts aren't very absorbent, so we just put a few of them on the bottom of the box and use the non slick sections on top. It's easier to have them all separated on litter box cleaning days. Thank you, Donna!

 Aubrey had the very important job of putting together Bunny Care packets! I really appreciate this, as I use so many of them in my role as Education Bunny! She also had very fashionable pants with bunnies all over them. I need to get some of that material to make myself a tutu!

Dan has been working very hard on our website overhaul, and so he took a little time for a much deserved meditation break. Just kidding! He was actually helping with bunny grooming! here he is with Bianca!!

Yummy Veggies

At Huntsville Friends of Rabbits, we try to cut our costs down so that the money we get from donations goes even further. One way we cut costs is with a bunny vegetable garden at the main foster house. It is producing so much lettuce and herbs right now that our veggie costs have been cut by a third! Best of all, the foster bunnies get to have delicious organic food that is often not available at the grocery store. For instance, check out those delightful rose petals! And the fennel leaves! And three different kinds of mint, and three different kinds of basil and...drool...

Oh dear! I really need to go and check out this latest big bowl full! This picture is making me hungry!!

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
Education Bunny

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bugsy's New Abode

Our Sanctuary Bunny, Bugsy, has made an exciting change of residence! Our dear friend Heather got her a fabulous new kiddie pool!
When Bugsy came to us she had head tilt so mad that she could only be in a padded carrier. We got her the vet care she needed and did tons of physical therapy, and over the months she graduated to a small padded storage tub, then a larger tub, then a Christmas tree sized storage tub, then a small kiddie pool. She has just been doing better and better, so here she is in her new pool!

She still needs a padded floor and sides and she does roll occasionally, and her head is always at a jaunty 45 degree angle, but - wow!! She has as much space as our other foster bunnies! Who says head tilt bunnies can't have a great life!