Wednesday, June 8, 2016

WOW! Four Adoptions!

We're going to fill you in on the exciting adoptions we've had this month! Yes, dear readers, with the help of some awesome fosterers and adopters, four of our bunnies are in wonderful new homes!

Let's start with little Rita, shall we? This is our most exciting adoption, because Rita had been in foster care for a whopping five years! She came in with a large group of bunnies, mostly babies, and just kept getting passed over for adoption. Poor Rita! Over and over adopters came to the main foster home in search of a bunny, and over and over she was passed by. It wasn't that anything was wrong with her, just that we had so many bunnies in foster care at that time and there were so many bunnies to choose from. And she was bonded with her sister, Shania, and couples are harder to adopt. When Shania passed away from cancer we grew very worried about Rita. She just needed a home!

And now she has one! With dear Christy, who has been a member of our group for years! She is living the high life and finally getting the attention and love she deserves.  Well done, Rita!

Our second adopted bunny is Mascara! He was found as a stray in Hartselle by a very kind family who fostered him for a number of months until we had a foster space available at the main foster house. He was just an awesome little bunny, and when he met our former foster, Sparkle, and her people it was love at first sight! Here they are together! Ain't love grand!!

Our next adopted bunny is Miss Harper. Harper was rescued by a lovely woman who saw her and her mate living in a tiny cage in a back yard in the heat. Poor Harper's mate did not survive heat stroke, but this lovely woman took Harper in and actually boarded her at a rabbit-savvy vet's office until we could take her in. What a bunny hero!

Harper has lots of rabbitude, so it took a few meetings with adopters till she found the perfect people! She went home to a wonderful house where they are just crazy about her. Best of all, she has joined The Couch Rabbit Society!

Next is Rue! This little lady was lucky enough to be fostered by two folks who knew how to spoil a bunny! And now she's been adopted by someone who is definately going to spoil her! We love the sign he put on his laundry room door to remind himself that it wasn't a bunny safe area!

And finally, we have an adoption pending! Little Lola is just waiting for her people to move into their new apartment until she gets to go home. Her potential new momma sent this photo to her new dad - we hear he responded back with a big smiley face! 

So there you have it! What a wonderful month! Can I have another month like this please?!!

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
Education Bunny Extraordinaire

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