Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Where I Got Spayed!

One of the things we love about our veterinarians at the North Alabama Cat and Bird Veterinary Clinic is that they go to the time and expense to do things right. Their facility is awesome! During their Spring Fling a few weeks ago, Dr. Moore asked if we would like a tour. Of course we said yes!

The part I liked best was the surgery room. This is where I got spayed! And where all the Huntsville Friends of Rabbits foster bunnies have gotten spayed and neutered.  We couldn't go inside, as it's a sterile environment, so we just peeked in the door.

Dr. Moore pointed out that it is a completely enclosed room which is much better for keeping things sterile. Oh, that's a teddy bear on the table, not a real animal! I guess even Teddy bears need to get neutered!

And look at all that equipment! And the gas anesthesia, which is so very important, as injectable anesthesias are not good for bunnies. 

There are windows looking out onto the rest of the clinic, and a swiveling spotlight. So even though it looks quite dim, it really isn't. Notice the display up above the window, so the veterinarian can easily monitor the vital signs of the bunny in surgery.

I am so impressed! It almost makes me want to get spayed again! Ha ha - NOT!!!!

Mrs. Brighton,
Huntsville Friends of Rabbits Education Bunny

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