Monday, May 2, 2016

Open House At The Cat And Bird

Thank you to the North Alabama Veterinary Clinic for having us at their Spring Fling yesterday! We had such a good time! They are the vets for all of our foster bunnies, and we were happy to help them with their open house. Of course I was there in my role as Education Bunny, and two of our former foster bunnies, Wolfie and Spooky, joined us, too! It was great to have them helping me as there were a lot of people - way too many for just one Education Bunny!!

And Heather, Bethanie and my secretary Ruth were helping out, too. Check out Heather's ears - doesn't she look mahvelous?!

While Spooky and Wolfie handled the crowd, I snuck away to have a chat with Dr. Strother. She is such a wonderful veterinarian, and was kind enough to listen to my recent troubles with being too, ahem. shall we say, large to fit into some of my tutus. She had some diet suggestions for me - thank goodness!

Wolfie had  a good time, too - he got to snuggle with Dr. Moore. She is obviously thrilled to be holding such a handsome rabbit!

And Spooky snuggled up under Dr. Lukey's chin. I think he wanted to go home with her!

And now I'm going to my boudoir to go to bed! being an Education Bunny is very tiring!!

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
HFR Education Bunny

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