Monday, May 16, 2016

Bake Sale! With Bunny Cookies!

Do you like cookies? Well, personally, because I'm a rabbit I don't really love cookies, and besides, I have to be careful of my girlish figure! If I ate too many cookies I wouldn't be able to fit into my tutus! But it has come to my attention that most humans actually love cookies, and other baked goods! So one of our members decided to make some money for Huntsville Friends of Rabbits by having a bake sale at her school. What a wonderful idea!

A number of people made delicious food to sell. Check out Stephanie's lovely bunny cookies! why, I do believe she must have based these beauties on a picture of my charming derriere!!

And just look at this table full of delightful treats!

Best of all, we made almost enough to spay or neuter a new foster bunny! Big thank yous and nose bonks to Bethanie, who organised this sale and to all of our fantastic bakers who made this a success!!

And now, I'm going to go eat a big salad! looking at all these baked goods is making me hungry! BYEEEEE!!!

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
HFR Education Bunny

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