Saturday, May 28, 2016

Art 4 Paws 2016

My dear friend, and our former foster bunny Wolfie, took care of my Education Bunny duties at Art 4 Paws this year! He brought his person, Heather, and our friend Donna came, too. Thank you all so much for giving me a little rest from the Education Table! Not that I don't love it, but once in awhile I just need a little break from my job. And May is always so busy!

As I told you all before Art 4 Paws is a wonderful event that mixes art and pets in a fabulous way. We just love to participate!
Here is Wolfie doing his duty at the table. Did you all know that Wolfie is certified as a therapy bunny? We are very proud of him, as he brightens the lives of nursing home patients here in Huntsville. 

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
HFR Education Bunny

Friday, May 20, 2016

Website Overhaul!

Hello Dahlings!! I have some exciting news! Our wonderful HFR member's Bethanie and Dan are redoing our website! It has needed an overhaul for a long time, and we are just thrilled it's getting attention from people who know how to make it look really special. Among the changes are that we now have an adoption application. This will make it so much easier to contact us about adopting one of our beautiful foster bunnies.

It's just mahvelous! Go take a look!

Here is Dan, hard at work on our Happy Tails pages. Can you believe we have rescued over 150 beautiful bunnies?

Now Dan, make sure you get some wonderful pictures of me on there! I take my role as Education Bunny very seriously!!

Mrs. Brighton

Monday, May 16, 2016

Bake Sale! With Bunny Cookies!

Do you like cookies? Well, personally, because I'm a rabbit I don't really love cookies, and besides, I have to be careful of my girlish figure! If I ate too many cookies I wouldn't be able to fit into my tutus! But it has come to my attention that most humans actually love cookies, and other baked goods! So one of our members decided to make some money for Huntsville Friends of Rabbits by having a bake sale at her school. What a wonderful idea!

A number of people made delicious food to sell. Check out Stephanie's lovely bunny cookies! why, I do believe she must have based these beauties on a picture of my charming derriere!!

And just look at this table full of delightful treats!

Best of all, we made almost enough to spay or neuter a new foster bunny! Big thank yous and nose bonks to Bethanie, who organised this sale and to all of our fantastic bakers who made this a success!!

And now, I'm going to go eat a big salad! looking at all these baked goods is making me hungry! BYEEEEE!!!

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
HFR Education Bunny

Monday, May 2, 2016

Open House At The Cat And Bird

Thank you to the North Alabama Veterinary Clinic for having us at their Spring Fling yesterday! We had such a good time! They are the vets for all of our foster bunnies, and we were happy to help them with their open house. Of course I was there in my role as Education Bunny, and two of our former foster bunnies, Wolfie and Spooky, joined us, too! It was great to have them helping me as there were a lot of people - way too many for just one Education Bunny!!

And Heather, Bethanie and my secretary Ruth were helping out, too. Check out Heather's ears - doesn't she look mahvelous?!

While Spooky and Wolfie handled the crowd, I snuck away to have a chat with Dr. Strother. She is such a wonderful veterinarian, and was kind enough to listen to my recent troubles with being too, ahem. shall we say, large to fit into some of my tutus. She had some diet suggestions for me - thank goodness!

Wolfie had  a good time, too - he got to snuggle with Dr. Moore. She is obviously thrilled to be holding such a handsome rabbit!

And Spooky snuggled up under Dr. Lukey's chin. I think he wanted to go home with her!

And now I'm going to my boudoir to go to bed! being an Education Bunny is very tiring!!

Mrs. Kitty Brighton
HFR Education Bunny