Sunday, March 16, 2014

I'm Taking Over!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Kitty Brighton, and I'm taking over this blog!!

I'm the Education Bunny for Huntsville Friends of Rabbits, a wonderful organization. We are a small group of rabbit lovers in the Huntsville, Alabama area who help with bunnies turned in to the local shelters and who educate the public on rabbit behavior and care. We work very hard to make life better for bunnies around here!

But unfortunately, since we are a small group and there is a lot to do, everyone has been too busy to update this blog for literally years! And that is shameful! I have been thinking about how to remedy the situation when suddenly it struck me: I could write this blog myself!! After all, I am the official HFR Education Bunny!! Who can better tell you about bunnies than me, an actual, real Education Bunny?!

Of course, there was the problem of my not having the ability to type. My paws are just not made to tap their way around a keyboard. So I had a meeting with my staff person, Ruth, and she agreed that if I would write the blog she would type it up for me. We agreed that she would take dictation once or twice a week. With that obstacle out of the way we are ready to unveil the brand new Huntsville Friends of Rabbits blog, as written by me, Mrs. Kitty Brighton!

So let me tell you about myself! I am a gorgeous Mini Rex rabbit with fabulous black and white markings (did someone say cow bunneh?) I was found wandering loose in a trailer park after my former owner's trailer was repossessed and she moved without taking me. She just dumped me there! Can you believe it?

Fortunately for me, a wonderful pair of ladies from the local feral cat rescue, Forgotten Felines, came to the trailer park to help with some stray kitties that were there. They were friends with my staff person, Ruth, and they knew that no bunny should be wandering around outside, so they took me home. It took a few days for HFR to get me into foster care, but the Forgotten Felines ladies were very gracious about letting me stay with them. In their honor, I named myself Kitty (although everyone calls me Mrs. Brighton)! Without them I really don't know what would have happened to me.

My first weeks in foster care were a blur of delicious food, a warm place to sleep, my very own pink litter box, and perfecting my gracious ability to greet every visitor that arrived. I also had several vet visits, including a mysterious one where I was given some lovely gas to breath, after which I feel asleep and awoke with an incision on my stomach. Yes, dear Readers, I had been spayed!

All was going well, until my staff started to realize that my spay had not calmed me down the way they had hoped it would. In fact, I was the biggest bundle of energy they had ever encountered in a rabbit. Something was obviously wrong. I went back to my lovely vet for further testing, and it was discovered that I had a problem with my thyroid. No wonder I was so hyper!

From that point on it was apparent that I would be difficult to adopt. Who would want a hyperthyroid bunny? Well, don't you worry, because I came up with the perfect suggestion! Why couldn't I just stay at the foster home as a permanent resident, and occupy myself as the official HFR Education Bunny? With my super-outgoing personality, my fearlessness, my limitless energy, not to mention my velvety Rex fur and gorgeous face, I would be the perfect rabbit for the job!

So here I am! My job is actually very easy, and I love it! Every couple of months I will visit a gathering of people who want to learn about rabbits, and help my staff tell them everything they need to know. I'm even good with groups of children! I greet visitors to our foster home, and I help my staff teach them things like how to clip a bunny's toenails and how to pick up and hold a bunny. I have been writing posts for our Facebook page, and now, here I am, writing this blog.

In my spare time, I like to check out new toys (I hope to do toy reviews!), rearrange my three story condo (I'll be writing a post on it in the coming weeks!), try on new outfits (I plan to do an entire post on my tutus), and think about new things that I need to teach people about bunnies. Oh, and eating! I love to eat!

Well, that's enough about me for now! Do you have something you would like to know about rabbits? A question you'd like to ask? Just leave me a note in the comments! Until then, byeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Mrs. Brighton