Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Art 4 Paws

Well, I have been so busy I just haven't had time to put my little paws on the keyboard to tell you all what I've been up to! Truth to tell, I have been doing what I always do - getting out there and educating the public about bunnies!

I am so very excited about an event that I attended this year called Art 4 Paws! It was put on by the Madison Art Council, and it combines two of my very favorite things - Art and Animals! As their Facebook page says, it's "a festival that brings together art, pets and families for a fun filled day". I must say, my day was certainly fun filled!

I attended with two of my staff members, Heather and Ruth, who set up my portable boudoir on the Huntsville Friends of Rabbits education table. I was plenty high enough so that all those nosy dogs wandering around couldn't get a good sniff at me. Don't get me wrong, unlike most rabbits I am not afraid of dogs at all! But my staff are always afraid that if a dog were to stick their nose in my space I might bite them. And I just might! You know, I really just cannot stand for bad manners!

I had all kinds of fun talking to everyone about bunnies, and of course everyone told me how gorgeous I am. As usual! At one point in the afternoon a very nice lady came up to our table and gave us a check for $25! She cared so much about our foster bunnies - wasn't that nice?

I also got to visit with one of my favorite people, my friend Kerry, who has an art business and who also adopted my friend and former HFR foster bunny Cinnamon. Cinn is now named Penny, and dare I say, she is spoiled rotten! Just as a bunny should be!

Here is Kerry's wonderful tent, and if you see her at an art event you should definitely check out her wonderful things. I want her to sell lots of her products so she can buy Penny expensive chew toys!

My fun was almost ruined at the end of the day though, because I got arrested - for being too cute! That's right, a very nice Madison Police Officer named Officer Prescott arrested me for being indecently cute in public! But he let me off for good behavior and then he even fed me some parsley! We become such good friends after that!

Well, Dahlings, I could go on and on about how much fun I had, but I really must go and have my toenails clipped and buffed. I hope to do another entry later this week and talk about housing, so until then.....byyyyyyyeeeeeee!!
Mrs. Brighton

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