Monday, May 2, 2011

In the aftermath of the tornadoes that swept across our state of Alabama, we and the bunnies we love seem to be doing ok. But a dear friend of ours is not.

Marsha Weaver, who has The Cozy Cavy , lost her home and a number of her animals in one of the tornadoes. She and her family are ok, although her daughter was hospitalised. Their home is gone.

Marsha is such a good friend of the bunnies. She took this photo and others of our foster bunnies for our petfinder and web pages, and she has donated fleece and fleece pads for our sanctuary bunnies who need them. Marsha has also had a program to send her fleece products to guinea pigs in rescue all over the US. Her son, Kevin, is a special friend of our sanctuary bunny Esmeralda, who just loves him.

Marsha is just a sweet woman with a beautiful family. She needs our help now, and we want to encourage everyone who loves animals to donate to a fund that has been set up for her. You can read more about Marsha's situation here. To donate, please either donate at the Paypal site on this page with a note that states the donation is for Marsha!!! or go to the fund set up through Sponsor A Guinea Pig. Either way will work fine.

Here is a photo of Ace with one of the beautiful fleece pads that Marsha made for him. He has severe arthritis in his knees, and Marsha's pads have made his life so much more comfortable.

Thank you for helping Marsha - she is truly a real Friend of Rabbits!!

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