Monday, April 4, 2011

Men and Bunnies Monday: Joshua and Daizy

It's Monday, and time for our new feature: Men and Bunnies!! We know a lot of guys who love bunnies, but it seems like rabbits are thought of as a pet for girls/women. Inspired by the Vancouver House Rabbit Society's Men and Buns Calendar, we decided to show off some of our favorite men with their bunnies! Well, this is a very, very young man!! This is our member Brooke's son, Joshua, and one of their bunnies, Daizy. Brooke has had bunnies for years, and we were so happy to adopt Daizy and her sister Daffodil to her and her family a couple of years ago. Daizy and Daffodil came to us with three other young bunnies the week before Easter. They had been found running around a back yard with an older bunny. Daizy has gotten much bigger since then - why, she's almost as big as Joshua!! "Daizy is the sweetest bunny!" writes Brooke. "But Daffodil is a Diva!!" She also says that Joshua and Daizy have a special bond. They appear to be the best of friends. Daizy, you and Daff are some lucky bunnies to have such a handsome young man as a friend!

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