Saturday, April 23, 2011

Media Blitz!!

It's been a wonderful week here! Bunnies have been in the news - and not with the usual "Easter Bunny" themes. In fact, quite the opposite!!

Our main fosterer, Ruth, did a segment with T.W. Starr of WAAY 31 about the problems associated with parents getting live bunnies for their children at Easter, and then discarding them. It was a very well done segment, and we appreciate how much effort T.W. and his cameraman put into it. The segment got the point across, and had some very cute footage of bunnies, too! If you want to see it go to WAAY's website then scroll down to the videos. You will probably have to click "Next Five Videos" several times before "Did You Know: Bunny Basket" comes up. Enjoy!!

Next, Yvonne Betowt of the Huntsville Times did a story on our very own Heather Van Dyke and our former foster bunny, Wolfie. They are an animal assisted therapy team with Therapy Partners, and Wolfie is Huntsville's first Delta Certified therapy bunny!!! You can read the article here.

It's so much fun to see them in the paper! Heather has worked very hard for the certification and Wolfie is a very special bunny.

We are very proud of them!!!

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