Monday, April 11, 2011

Guys and Bunnies Monday: Joe and Ziggy!!

It's Guys and Bunnies Monday!! Today we have the most wonderful photo of Joe and his newly adopted bunny, Ziggy!! Joe and Ziggy had a long distance relationship for awhile, since Joe lives in Boston and Ziggy was here with us. Normally we wouldn't do such a long distance adoption, but Joe is friends with our member, Christy, and he really developed a special bond with Ziggy! It took a lot of planning, and more research into airline policies on flying rabbits than I want to think about, but Ziggy made the trip a couple of weeks ago. He flew in the cabin with Joe, in a very swanky pet carrier! We just got a video of him doing binkies in his new place. You can see it on our Facebook page!

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