Saturday, April 23, 2011

Media Blitz!!

It's been a wonderful week here! Bunnies have been in the news - and not with the usual "Easter Bunny" themes. In fact, quite the opposite!!

Our main fosterer, Ruth, did a segment with T.W. Starr of WAAY 31 about the problems associated with parents getting live bunnies for their children at Easter, and then discarding them. It was a very well done segment, and we appreciate how much effort T.W. and his cameraman put into it. The segment got the point across, and had some very cute footage of bunnies, too! If you want to see it go to WAAY's website then scroll down to the videos. You will probably have to click "Next Five Videos" several times before "Did You Know: Bunny Basket" comes up. Enjoy!!

Next, Yvonne Betowt of the Huntsville Times did a story on our very own Heather Van Dyke and our former foster bunny, Wolfie. They are an animal assisted therapy team with Therapy Partners, and Wolfie is Huntsville's first Delta Certified therapy bunny!!! You can read the article here.

It's so much fun to see them in the paper! Heather has worked very hard for the certification and Wolfie is a very special bunny.

We are very proud of them!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Easter Message!

As most of you know, the issue of bunnies and Easter is very close to our hearts. We have to deal first hand with the number of bunnies who are purchased impulsively as Easter pets for children, only to be abandoned when Easter is over and the thrill has worn off. Starting immediately after the holiday we get calls and emails from parents who want to "get rid of" the bunny, or worse, from people who have found a bunny running stray. Often these bunnies are sick or injured. Even worse are the large groups that show up when people get two bunnies for Easter and don't realise they have a male and female. They think they have two females or two males....until the first litter shows up!! Not realising that bunnies can give birth the day they get pregnant, there are often two or three litters to deal with when people bring them to the shelter or turn them loose. That is a lot of bunnies for us to deal with in rescue - it's no fun at all, for us or the bunnies! Our member Donna wrote a heartfelt email to her friends about this issue, and we wanted to reproduce it here. Donna says: "The Easter season is fast approaching. It is a fun time of year. Some parents may be tempted to buy their children a soft, cute, live bunny. Even worse, buy one for their son and another for their daughter, without knowing the sex of each rabbit. Parents, you may want to really think about it, no matter how much your child begs. Bunnies are not like cats and dogs. Most rabbits do not like to be picked up. I have nine bunnies of my own. A doctor once asked me if I was being abused. He noticed all of the scratches and bruises on my arms. I told him "Yes, by my rabbits." When you pick them up, those big hind legs just push out. Rabbits are living creatures and they have feelings. When "Flop's" mate died, she grieved for a long time. Rabbits can live as long as ten years. Most veterinarians in the area are not as familiar with bunnies as they are with cats and dogs. If you have your mind made up to get a rabbit, check out places like Walmart. They have a huge selection of stuffed bunnies in every size and color imaginable. In a few weeks, when your child grows tired of the bunny and discards it, you will know you made the right choice of a stuffed one, and your child will not have been scratched or bitten." By the way, the cute little furballs in the photos are Donna's bunnies!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Guys and Bunnies Monday: Joe and Ziggy!!

It's Guys and Bunnies Monday!! Today we have the most wonderful photo of Joe and his newly adopted bunny, Ziggy!! Joe and Ziggy had a long distance relationship for awhile, since Joe lives in Boston and Ziggy was here with us. Normally we wouldn't do such a long distance adoption, but Joe is friends with our member, Christy, and he really developed a special bond with Ziggy! It took a lot of planning, and more research into airline policies on flying rabbits than I want to think about, but Ziggy made the trip a couple of weeks ago. He flew in the cabin with Joe, in a very swanky pet carrier! We just got a video of him doing binkies in his new place. You can see it on our Facebook page!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Foster Bunny Friday: Donatella

It's Foster Bunny Friday!! Our featured bunny this week is Donatella! Donatella is a very petite little Havana girl who has a very sweet disposition and is quite social. She loves to play with her toss toys, and her binkies are quite impressive! Donatella came into the shelter last summer with 20 of her family members, and after all these months she is definately ready for a perfect, loving home!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Men and Bunnies Monday: Joshua and Daizy

It's Monday, and time for our new feature: Men and Bunnies!! We know a lot of guys who love bunnies, but it seems like rabbits are thought of as a pet for girls/women. Inspired by the Vancouver House Rabbit Society's Men and Buns Calendar, we decided to show off some of our favorite men with their bunnies! Well, this is a very, very young man!! This is our member Brooke's son, Joshua, and one of their bunnies, Daizy. Brooke has had bunnies for years, and we were so happy to adopt Daizy and her sister Daffodil to her and her family a couple of years ago. Daizy and Daffodil came to us with three other young bunnies the week before Easter. They had been found running around a back yard with an older bunny. Daizy has gotten much bigger since then - why, she's almost as big as Joshua!! "Daizy is the sweetest bunny!" writes Brooke. "But Daffodil is a Diva!!" She also says that Joshua and Daizy have a special bond. They appear to be the best of friends. Daizy, you and Daff are some lucky bunnies to have such a handsome young man as a friend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Foster Bunny: Petey!!!

Our Friday foster bunny is Big Petey!! Petey is actually a sanctuary bunny, which means that his medical issues prohibit him from being adopted, and he will spend the rest of his life in our care. Petey came into Huntsville Animal Services at age five. His people were tired of him, and their kids had grown older. He came into the shelter with a multitude of health issues - bad teeth, respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems, liver issues and even Bell's Palsy. He felt much better after we got him great vet care to fix him up!! But please don't feel sorry for Petey - he is the "Mayor" of the main foster house and gets lots of attention. In fact, unlike our other bunnies he has his own room and spends quite a bit of time hanging out with his foster mom and dad. Petey also has the job of co-chairing (with fellow sanctuary bunny Esmeralda) our HFR meetings. It's a very important job and Petey takes it quite seriously.

Petey would like you to know that if you are thinking of getting a bunny for a child for Easter, you might want to get the stuffed toy kind, like his friend in the photo. He can tell you from sad experience that too many real bunnies wind up at the shelter after Easter!!