Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fred's Got Stairs!

We met Fred several weeks ago when his mom, Noelle, brought him to visit us at Petco. Fred is a little mini-rex guy who was born on Halloween. He's one of those rabbits who is so adorable you can't resist kissing him, and he was especially cute because he was wearing a little pink harness. I must say he tolerated it far better than most of the bunnies we know! We were very happy to make the aquaintance of such a stylish and well-behaved boy!

Noelle recently sent me photos of Fred with his stairs, which were specially made for him by Noelle's mom, artist and carpenter Mary Ashby. Fred uses his stairs to climb up and see out the windows of his favorite room, the sunroom. I'm always on the lookout for creative ways to enhance a bunny's living space, and this is a great idea!!

Fred, you are one lucky bunny, and those are some pretty awesome stairs!

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