Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bunny of the Week: Guinness

Guinness got his name because he is the colour of beer, and he is a little "stout" - ! He is a wonderful, eight year old gentleman of a bunny who was brought to the shelter because his people were moving and could not take him to their new home. We are sure that at eight years old the situation has been confusing to Guinness.

In addition, although he was adopted out to a woman whom we thought was committed to loving and caring for him his whole life, she turned out not to be the person we thought she was, and for no fault of his own he has been returned to us again after just a few months at his new home.. We are definately going to be extra, extra picky about any future adopters for him - this boy deserves the best!

Guinness is very friendly and loveable, and enjoys being with people. Although he does not like to be picked up until he gets to know you he is happy to sit next to you (even in your lap) and be loved on. He has had a full vet exam and appears to be in very good health. Guinness' litter box skills have gotten very good since he has been neutered and he is beginning to figure out what toys are all about. He is generally a quiet and loveable bunny and would do well in a calm, adult home. We would love to see this older bunny have a happy home - forever!!

Wouldn't you love to have Guinness?! For videos of Guinness and our other foster bunnies please go to the Huntsville Bunnies Channel on YouTube:

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