Friday, February 4, 2011

Bunnies With Star Quality!

Our foster bunnies are in a commercial!!

Our friend, Rebecca Sansom, made a movie several years ago called Equal Hoppertunity, about rabbits and the way society views them. She is now doing some ad swaps with rabbit-friendly companies to try and get the word out about her film, and arranged to do one with the Busy Bunny.

Busy Bunny is a wonderful company that makes bunny toys, and also has other rabbit related items. The owner, Lisa, has been wonderful to us in that she lets us order at wholesale prices to get toys for our foster bunnies. So when Rebecca asked if she could borrow some foster bunnies for the commercial we were happy to say yes.

We arranged to take Boomer and The Dude to Nashville for the filming, and I also contacted former foster bunny Fiona's person, Joan, to see if perhaps Fiona and her husbun Luke might like to be stars that day, since they live not far from Rebecca. She was very happy to say yes, and I have to say that Fiona and Luke really hammed it up for the cameras!

Oh, I'm in the commercial, too, as well as Joan. But several people have said that the cute bunnies, especially Rebecca's bunny, Tofu, are so distracting they didn't really notice the humans!

If you'd like to see the final Busy Bunny commercial, it's now on YouTube!

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