Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Veggies!

As you may know, we have a veggie garden here at the main foster home for the bunnies. We even have some veggies growing in the winter - cold hardy collard greens and kale.
I grew up in New Hampshire where we have a very short growing season, and I'm familiar with some of the tricks for extending that season into the cold weather. One of these tricks is to have veggies in "mini-greenhouses".
I've been using some of the cages that people have donated to us that are really too small for bunnies to make these mini-greenhouses. It's very easy! If you'd like to make a mini-greenhouse to grow your bunny some winter veggies, just get an old cage, preferably one that has a plastic bottom and wire top. Take the top off the cage, pop it over your plants, and than top with a clear shower curtain. Anchor the edges of the curtain with rocks and you have an enclosed space that will warm up quite nicely, providing a much better chance that you'll have veggies in January.
I knew that these greenhouses work well from using them in past years, but I didn't realise how well until we had a serious snowstorm last week. We don't usually get snow like this in Alabama. I saw all the snow covering the greenhouses and wrote off the veggies as having frozen. But no - when I lifted the shower curtain, look what I found!!
The plants looked quite comfy in their little home!! The bunnies will be very happy to get a few garden fresh veggies this week!!

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