Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Bunspace Fun!!

Here are some more shots of the bunnies getting their Bunspace bags. I want to thank the folks at Bunspace for making the holidays so much happier for our foster and Sanctuary bunnies. As a rescue, we have so little money that getting toys for the fosters is always last on our list, and although we try to improvise with inexpensive items, there is nothing like having a lovely wooden chew toy or some of those delicious bunny cookie treats.
Well, I assume they're delicious - I've never tried them!! But from the way the bunnies act it seems like they must be very tasty!

So here are photos of Sparky, Penny, Boomer, Donatelle, The Dude, Sable, sweet elderly Ace, Dolce and Fritz having fun with all their new toys. There are also videos of the fun at our huntsville bunnies channel at YouTube!

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