Monday, January 24, 2011

Foster Bunny of the Week: Fritz!

Foster Bunny of the Week: Fritz!! What can we say about Fritz, except that he is a very busy guy who has tons of energy. Talk about multi-tasking! Fritz can eat his pellets, play with his willow toys, rearrange his litter box and check out the bunnies in the surrounding pens, all at the same time!! He is a wonderful little fellow and a lot of fun.

Fritz is about seven months old and will be a medium sized bunny. He came in to Huntsville Animal Services this summer with a family group of fourteen bunnies. Because he has been with us since he was fairly young, he is used to people and not shy.

He will be a lot of fun for the lucky person who adopts him - get ready for a bunny who likes to get things done!!

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