Monday, January 24, 2011

Foster Bunny of the Week: Fritz!

Foster Bunny of the Week: Fritz!! What can we say about Fritz, except that he is a very busy guy who has tons of energy. Talk about multi-tasking! Fritz can eat his pellets, play with his willow toys, rearrange his litter box and check out the bunnies in the surrounding pens, all at the same time!! He is a wonderful little fellow and a lot of fun.

Fritz is about seven months old and will be a medium sized bunny. He came in to Huntsville Animal Services this summer with a family group of fourteen bunnies. Because he has been with us since he was fairly young, he is used to people and not shy.

He will be a lot of fun for the lucky person who adopts him - get ready for a bunny who likes to get things done!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Bunspace Fun!!

Here are some more shots of the bunnies getting their Bunspace bags. I want to thank the folks at Bunspace for making the holidays so much happier for our foster and Sanctuary bunnies. As a rescue, we have so little money that getting toys for the fosters is always last on our list, and although we try to improvise with inexpensive items, there is nothing like having a lovely wooden chew toy or some of those delicious bunny cookie treats.
Well, I assume they're delicious - I've never tried them!! But from the way the bunnies act it seems like they must be very tasty!

So here are photos of Sparky, Penny, Boomer, Donatelle, The Dude, Sable, sweet elderly Ace, Dolce and Fritz having fun with all their new toys. There are also videos of the fun at our huntsville bunnies channel at YouTube!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opal Disappears

When Opal got her Bunspace bag she disappeared in it for about half an hour. We kept waiting for her to come out with a toy but she stayed in there. In fact, she kept disappearing further and further! Finally she came out with dried fruit wrapped in a coffee filter (and by the way, those were the hands-down bunny favorites!)

Memphis and Brooklyn love Bunspace!

I've finally gotten a chance to sort out the many, many photos of the bunnies we took when they were getting their Bunspace bags. We have so many cute ones! These are some of Memphis and Brooklyn getting their bags. I have to apologize to the Bunspace folks for this first one - apparently there was a bit of Disapproving Rabbit activity going on on Brookie's part, at least judging from the tongue action!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Reba and Shania

Foster Bunnies of the Week: Reba and Shania!!

Reba and Shania are two goofy and wonderful girls who came to us with 20 other bunnies last May. They are best friends and must be adopted together. But in this case having two bunnies is twice as much fun! They love to play in their Cottontail Cottage and enjoy rearranging thier pen.

Reba is a bit calmer while Shania is busy, busy, busy all the time. Together they are a bundle of fun!! We would love to see them go to a home where they have lots of space to play and people who will love them always!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Veggies!

As you may know, we have a veggie garden here at the main foster home for the bunnies. We even have some veggies growing in the winter - cold hardy collard greens and kale.
I grew up in New Hampshire where we have a very short growing season, and I'm familiar with some of the tricks for extending that season into the cold weather. One of these tricks is to have veggies in "mini-greenhouses".
I've been using some of the cages that people have donated to us that are really too small for bunnies to make these mini-greenhouses. It's very easy! If you'd like to make a mini-greenhouse to grow your bunny some winter veggies, just get an old cage, preferably one that has a plastic bottom and wire top. Take the top off the cage, pop it over your plants, and than top with a clear shower curtain. Anchor the edges of the curtain with rocks and you have an enclosed space that will warm up quite nicely, providing a much better chance that you'll have veggies in January.
I knew that these greenhouses work well from using them in past years, but I didn't realise how well until we had a serious snowstorm last week. We don't usually get snow like this in Alabama. I saw all the snow covering the greenhouses and wrote off the veggies as having frozen. But no - when I lifted the shower curtain, look what I found!!
The plants looked quite comfy in their little home!! The bunnies will be very happy to get a few garden fresh veggies this week!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Foster Bunny of the Week: Ben!

Foster Bunny of the Week: Ben!!! Ben is a wonderful lionhead boy who has great "muttonchops" of fur around his head - he kinda' reminds us of Abe Lincoln! He has a slightly shy but inquisitive personality and loves to dig in his cotton rugs and do "construction work" on his cardboard boxes.

Ben is very nice in his litter box, too! He has not been very happy about meeting other bunnies, so we think he might do best as a single bun with lots of human attention.

Wouldn't you love to have this handsome fellow in your family?!

Monday, January 3, 2011


It is with sadness that we report that our former member, Kimberly Leggett, passed away last week at age 41. Kim was a friend to all animals, not just rabbits. She was a graphic artist who designed our logo and donation boxes. Kim also helped with yard sales, education tables, and was the Vice President of our group for a period of time.
Kim was well-known to the rescue groups of the Huntsville area and was also a dog and guinea pig lover. She did a number of transports for dog rescue groups, and volunteered at several area shelters.
Kim's red hair and sense of humor will be greatly missed.