Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Dr. Bruce spent most of his morning looking for these.

For those of you who aren't microbiologists - this is a picture of coccidia, a parasite which rabbits can get, and which we are always concerned about at our foster homes. It's a parasite every bunny parent should check for periodically, as it can cause health problems. You can find a good article about coccidia here:

To check for this parasite, you will need to take a fresh sample of bunny poop to your vet. They will do what is called a "fecal float test", which will reveal the coccidia, if it is present. They can also prescribe the medication your bunny will need to get rid of this nasty critter!!

Since we have so many foster bunnies, we're lucky that we have our very own biologist who can do our tests for us. Every three months Bruce brings a sample from each bunny to his lab. We really appreciate his doing this for us (and I'm sure our vet does, too - since otherwise her techs would be tied up for hours with our samples!)

If we find a bunny has coccidia, we bring them in to our vet for a confirmation test and a prescription. They need to be rechecked in several weeks to make sure the parasite has been eradicated.

Today's test results? I'm happy to say that every bunny is negative!!! No coccidia here, at least not this time around!!

Opal was very happy to hear about her negative result. Now she can get back to the important work of playing with her Bunspace toys!!

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