Friday, December 10, 2010

Bunspace Bags For Buns!!

A big box arrived at here yesterday, addressed to the foster bunnies. What could be inside?!!

Why it was a huge bunch of Bags For Buns treat bags from the kind folks at Bunspace!!
For those of you who don't know about Bunspace ( , it is the social networking site for rabbits. It's kind of like Myspace, but for bunnies!! The people who run Bunspace are very good to those of us in the rescue community and let us list our adoptable foster bunnies on the site.
They also have a Bags for Buns program at the holidays. With help from donations from the community they make treat bags for bunnies in foster programs. Last year the program went to a limited number of rescues, but this year it was opened up a bit more, and we were asked if we would like our foster bunnies to receive treat bags. Of course we said yes!!
It was such a thrill to open the box. There was a letter from the Bunspace folks, a wonderful 2011 Rabbit calendar (if you need a calendar, you should definately check this one out - it's beautiful! ) and.....the treat bags!! They each contained an assortment of toys - hay stuffed t.p. roll, wooden toss toy, vine ball, willow ring, birdie bagel, dried fruit wrapped in an unbleached coffee filter (I love this one!), a timothy pumpkin cookie, and/or chew sticks.
I want to share the fun with some of our other members so I'm waiting for next weekend to hand them all out, but one of our bunnies needed a bag right away. Little Savannah got spayed on Wednesday, and came home from the vet feeling...a little too frisky! She chewed out a stitch before she even left the vet's office, so they e-collared her. On the way home she got the e collar off, so when we got home I put it on her again. She took it off. I put it back on. The next time I went to check on her, she was wearing it as a skirt. Fashionable, but unacceptable.

Clearly Savannah needed a diversion, so she got her Bunspace bag early!! Look at all those toys!!!
The kind folks at Bunspace asked for nothing in return except for pictures of the bunnies enjoying their bags, so here is little Savannah trying to decide what to have first (she went for the Timothy pumpkin cookie). The last time I checked on her, she was pushing around the toss toy, her e collar intact. Sigh - thank you Bunspace!!!
More pictures will be up as soon as we distribute the rest of the bags. And for those of you looking to contribute to a good cause - please think about donating to Bags For Buns next year. It makes such a difference to the foster bunnies!!!

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