Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Action Alert!!

Action Alert!

June and July were busy months for Huntsville Friends of Rabbits!! Too busy!

Two large groups of bunnies were brought into Huntsville Animal Services. In June, a group of 20 rabbits, mostly babies, were brought in. Unfortunately seven of the babies, including six one day olds, did not survive. The other 13 were taken in by us as they were too young to be adopted out, and the two adults needed veterinary care.
In July, another group of 14 came in! Two adult females (including sweet Bella, the white bunny with black stripes in the photo) and 12 babies were in this group. Again, they were too young to be adopted out. Huntsville Animal Services did not feel they could keep this group at the shelter and so, to avoid them being euthanised, we took them in, too!
We're happy to say that, although they have been a lot of work, everyone has been doing fine and the babies are now old enough and healthy enough to spay/neuter. We are posting them for adoption on our Petfinder site (
http://www.huntsvillebunnies.petfinder.com/ ). They are very funny and cute!!

Getting to see goofy antics like these two boys (Boomer and Spike) laying on top of their brother, Charlie, has made all the work worthwhile!

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